The Opening Card

Luno The White Stallion was a Terrytoons television series that aired in the mid-1960s. It centered on a little boy named Tim who had a marble Pegasus horse named Luno who would come alive and whisk him off on adventures in far off lands when Tim said the words, "Oh winged horse of marble white, take me on a magic flight". The series was produced by William Weiss.


Luno The White Stallion - Bob McFadden Tim - Dayton Allen


  • The Missing Genie (1963)
  • Trouble in Baghdad (1963)
  • King Rounder (1963)
  • Jungle Jack (1963)
  • Melvin the Magnificent (1963)
  • Mixed Up Matador (1963)
  • The Flying Chariot (1963)
  • The Poor Pirate (1963)
  • The Prehysteric Inventor (1963)
  • The Square Planet (1963)
  • Who's Dragon (1963)
  • Island of the Giants (1963)
  • Roc-a-Bye Sinbad (1964)
  • The Gold Dust Bandit (1964)
  • Adventure by the Sea (1964)
  • King Neptune's Castle (1965)
  • The Astronut Show (1965)


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