Dinky 1

The Character

Dinky Duck was a Terrytoons cartoon character that appeared in a number of animated shorts. Dinky was a young duck that lived on a farm with ducks, chickens and other typical farm animals. Dinky often took on the role of an orphan who simply wanted a place to call home. Other times, Dinky would perform some heroic deed and help restore calm to the barnyard when adult animals quarreled. Dinky first appeared in the 1939 short The Orphan Duck. in appearence The Curbside voiced by Dee Bradley Baker

Dinky Duck never became popular like fellow Terrytoons characters Mighty Mouse and the magpie duo Heckle and Jeckle, thus he only appeared in a total of 15 cartoons from 1939 through 1957. Dinky's final appearance was in It's a Living, in which he sheds the role of the cute youthful duck living on a farm and takes on the role of a disgruntled animation actor who quits his cartoon character job to try his hand in television commercial acting.


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